How Kudos dramatically reduced support tickets and 2Xed their business with Prive

Case Study
June 20, 2022
Within 3 months of migrating to Prive:

+200% subscriptions revenue
+102% AOV


Sustainable baby bottoms—that’s what Kudos assures its customers. 

Kudos was founded by Amrita Saigal, a true believer in elegant sustainability. Amrita’s first company after MIT was a successful venture where she turned banana leaves into eco-friendly sanitary pads for school girls in India. She then took on a mission to help parents with leak-defying, sustainable disposable diapers with 100% cotton liners.

“We’re on a mission to get as much plastic out of the disposable diaper without sacrificing the performance. Our ultimate goal is to be the best diaper for baby-sensitive skin and the planet.”
— Moira Finicane, Head of Marketing, Kudos

What gives them an edge over their competition?

They are the only disposable diaper in the market where baby’s skin touches 100% cotton, all day long! Cotton is not only naturally soft and sustainable but it also happens to be the #1 doctor-recommended material for those with rash or eczema.

Kudos has earned the cotton natural™ seal for being lined with 100% cotton instead of plastic – the first diaper company ever to receive the seal.

We got talking to founding team member and Head of Marketing, Moira Finicane, who shared the story behind Kudos. She also gave us the scoop on how Kudos witnessed a 2x growth in recent months, with a frictionless checkout experience being one of the key factors leading to this massive spike in sales.

Challenge: Clunky checkout experience using Recharge

Right from day one, the team was sure that they wanted to leverage a direct-to-customer model that gave parents the convenience of being able to shop online seamlessly for diapers.

With their subscription feature, Kudos wanted to save their customers from the hassles of making innumerable trips to the store to stock up on diapers.

Without exploring many options, they jumped on board with Recharge, only to face many glitches along the way, not to mention an overwhelming number of incoming customer support tickets complaining of slowness, checkout errors, and most of all—difficulties in logging in.

Here are some of the issues that they were facing were:

  • Any form of customization ended up being too expensive
  • As the Recharge checkout was separate from that of Shopify’s, creating discounts was a repetitive process on both the portals
  • No integration capabilities with popular apps that Kudos was using
  • Creating gift cards that could be used on subscriptions was a hassle 

“The prepaid subscription option that Recharge had, just did not work as the customer could not go in and update the order, which for our customers is tough because you grow out of diapers so quickly… we were constantly getting emails of people not being able to log in to their account.”
— Moira

Solution: Switching to a portal that offered a seamless checkout experience

With a bunch of other glitches like checkout timeout, the Kudos team started to notice that they were losing out on key business. They knew it was time to move out of Recharge and onto a more seamless portal that integrated directly with the Shopify checkout process.

They quickly made the switch to Prive—only to experience greater ease in managing subscriptions and better app integrations.

A few of the many features that made a world of a difference for Kudos were:

  • Intuitive interface: With Prive, customers can log in with just a click using the “Shopper Portal”
  • Effortless integrations: Kudos could finally integrate with all the other apps that they rely on by using Prive
  • Out-of-the-box solutions: Prive enabled greater ease in getting things done like creating gift cards
  • Direct integration with Shopify: This put an end to the hassles of a double checkout experience
  • Instant customer support: Kudos can get issues fixed quickly and scale up with personalized attention from the Prive team


“What we love so much about Prive is your shopper portal—you can just enter an email or a phone number to log in. A majority of our customer service tickets were about not being able to log in to the account… now we get around 2 of those in a month. That’s a drastic improvement!”
— Moira

Impact: Spike in first-time customers opting for subscriptions 

“With Prive, we know that we have a team that supports us and wants the best for our business, as much as we do!”
— Moira



After making the switch to Prive, Kudos saw a massive drop in customer support tickets. It’s no surprise that among the many features that Kudos was impressed with, Prive’s ‘Shopper Portal’ really stood out! 


The results speak for themselves:


  • A dramatic drop in customer support tickets around login and checkout issues
  • With hassle-free sign-ups, Kudos was able to strengthen their customer relations
  • What followed was a mammoth spike in sales. They witnessed a 2x jump in revenue owing to simplified onboarding and many other factors
  • Kudos was also able to scale up and manage increasing volumes with Prive’s seamless checkout capabilities and multi-app integrations
  • A higher percentage of first-time customers who opt for subscriptions as opposed to just one-time purchases


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