About Us

We are building the revenue layer for commerce

We’re helping commerce businesses grow new revenue with subscriptions, optimize existing revenue with experimentation and market intelligence, and unlock new sales channels via referrals and the Prive discovery marketplace.

Our Story

Co-founders Alex Craciun and Claudia Laurie witnessed the power of pricing levers in driving billions of incremental revenue when they both were building and leading product roadmaps at Uber.  While large tech companies had teams of data scientists and pricing orgs to optimize the science, most businesses selling online lacked the ability to launch such price levers.

With the rise of eCommerce in 2021, Alex and Claudia realized brands struggled to unlock recurring revenue through subscriptions, figure out their pricing, and overall get tighter on their revenue. They realized brands selling online needed better pricing and billing infrastructure.

Just a couple years later, Prive now powers subscriptions and other billing + revenue levers for hundreds of high growth brands, and in turn over half a million shoppers.


Join a team that has previously built category defining technology


We are backed by top Silicon Valley Investors and Executives