Powerful subscriptions, simply one click away

We help the next generation of DTC brands enable, migrate, adapt, and scale subscriptions, simply. With Prive, set up subscriptions in minutes that your customers love.

Reinventing Recurring Revenue for D2C

Move beyond enabling subscriptions and into sustainable growth. We create the configurable and intelligent recurring revenue opportunities your shoppers want.
Setup in Seconds

Setup your subscription in record time. No more confusing APIs. All the customization you want.

Configure to Last

Get all of the benefits of white-glove custom builds without the up-charge. Enable swaps, skips, add-ons and more.

Boost LTV & AOV

Our intelligent personalization, churn prevention, and add-ons take your metrics to the next level.

Migrate with Ease

We will take care of a seamless migration from your existing provider with no interruptions.

Build a Long-Term Relationship

Create flexible subscriptions your shoppers want to keep.


Checkout your subscription with one click leveraging Shopify checkout.

No More Support Tickets

Provide the simplest and fastest management experience.

Reward & Delight

Reward loyalty, provide flexibility through personalized experiences for every shopper.

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Configure subscriptions your shoppers want to keep.

Powerful Configurability

With a few clicks configure products, cadence, offers, product swaps, add-ons and more. No more confusing APIs.

Smart LTV Levers

Set up personalized incentives, pricing, and add-ons, and payment cadences for your shoppers.

Make recurring a superpower

Intelligent Churn Prevention

The most effective way to reduce churn with custom cancellation and modification flows powered by ML. 

Understand every Subscriber

We help you identify high LTV & at-risk customers and take action to reward and winback.

Go Beyond Analytics

Our Brand Portal allows you to action on product performance and key engagement metrics, providing subscriptions that are best for your business.

Setup, checkout, and manage in seconds.

Setup in Seconds

Within a few clicks, define your subscriptions so you can get back to building your business.

Convert & Grow

Boost conversion with the fastest checkout experience available leveraging Shopify Checkout. Reduce churn with simple and unified shopper management touch points.
Re-think engagement.
Eliminate Confusion

Eliminate support costs by up to 70% through seamless checkout & management.

Delight when it Matters
Offers and incentives for the right shoppers at the right time.

Convert and Manage Faster

We have built the simplest subscription management experience. No more confusing logins, passwords, manage with 1 step.
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