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Prive is the world’s first pricing & incentives platform for eCommerce. We are building for the new generation, enabling brands you know and love, to compete at scale.

Our Promotions Product 

Have a pulse on the marketplace 

User, competitor, and inventory data to help identify where discounts can drive business objectives

One-click promotion creation

Prive takes the guesswork out of the E2E promo creation journey- from targeting the right users to configuring UX surfaces. 

Measure what matters

Promotional spend should be seen as an investment. Prive helps brands understand the incremental impact of their promotions.

Team experience from

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How it works

Run your pricing & incentives like a tech company. 

Easy to integrate


Pre-built integrations with your existing e-commerce platform such as Shopify, means guidance in minutes.  

Have a pulse on the marketplace and your users 


Leveraging your user, inventory, and competitor data, we help you take action. 

Decide & coordinate in one place

We guide you on what to do with your prices and discounts but go a step further to integrate with all of your existing tools. No more broken banner ads.

Understand impact  within minutes


Keep an eye on the metrics you care about and understand incremental impact via our XP platform. Yes, discounts have an ROI.   


We are in a limited beta

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