Powerful subscriptions,

to 2x your revenue
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Built first for Shopify Plus, we help you set up, migrate, and scale subscriptions to grow sales and boost retention, seamlessly.

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Prive is trusted by

Prive is trusted by
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Simple to unlock, complex under the hood

No passwords, no stress. The flexibiliy your subscribers have dreamed of are now just a click away.

True flexibility for your customers

Unlock powerful subscriptions in 3 easy steps.  Let our advanced systems do the heavy lifting.

Need to migrate? We are the only ones with automated migrations.

The most configurable storefront experience

All hosted storefront components are designed to perform and fit your brand.  No code or maintenance to switch things up.

New ways to subscribe,
New ways to grow

Subscibe & Save is just the beginning. From prepaid subscriptions, to gifting, to custom automations, we have the hard tech to unlock easy custom subscription programs.

Advanced subscriptions for all types of businesses

Prive for fast-growing subscriptions businesses


Prive for new to subscriptions businesses

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Prive powers subscriptions for everyone

We rethought and redesigned subs2criptions to be simpler, smarter, and more flexible, for everyone.


Prive powers subscriptions for everyone

We rethought and redesigned subscriptions to be simpler, smarter, and more flexible, for everyone.

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New to Subscription
  • Setup in minutes to immediately gain subscribers and revenue

  • Beautiful and performant storefront components, ready in one-click

  • Hosted customer portal eliminates subscription inbound

High-Growth Brands
  • Automatic migrations in hours, not months

  • Hosted passwordless portal that fits in with your storefront

  • Advanced tooling (automations, intelligence, and more) to design the subscription program of your dreams

Subscription-First Brands
  • Your business is in good hands with accurate, automated migrations for up to 100K contracts

  • Unlock more subscription types from prepaid to gift subscriptions

  • Customizations for when you have outgrown recharge

  • Total control over your subscription, no account needed

  • Swap, skip, pause, add on, and more with one click

  • SMS management to always have a heads up on your subscription

You’re in good company

Top brands love Prive

Prive has greatly simplified and improved the experience for our customers. Before Prive, at least 15% of our support tickets were from users confused about how to log in to manage their subscription. Ever since implementing Prive and their seamless email/phone code check-in, the number of support tickets around this has dropped to almost zero. Similarly, not having to duplicate discount codes or worry about two checkout processes has greatly streamlined business operations for us. The team at Prive is extremely talented.

Moira Finicane



Prive is a simple (yet complex under the hood) solution for our brand.  What better way to make it easy then allowing our customers to "set it and forget it" while rewarding them with our best pricing?! We are looking forward to growing our subscriber base and are glad we have an efficient solution to do so with Prive.

Graham Watsilition



The Prive team made our subscription migration from ReCharge effortless! Not only that, their willingness to simultaneously provide an onboarding process to showcase functionality, as well as willingness to customize product pages to ensure a smooth transition process was well appreciated. Fantastic product, and even better team.

Kun Yang



The Prive end-to-end experience is seamless and holds true to their promise of unlocking subscriptions in minutes! Being able to have a performant storefront widget available in 1-click is a game changer. Their embedded subscription management portal takes away any operational pain related to subscriptions management.  

Jesse Tilner


We always wanted to experiment with setting up subscriptions for our beauty product but we were too intimidated by the whole process. Prive made it really easy for us to try out subscriptions for the first time and experiment with different offerings.  Prive team was extremely responsive and we loved working with them! Prive team was extremely responsive and we loved working with them!

Cansu Aydede

Kumara Beauty