How MANTL transformed their subscription model with Prive after migrating from Recharge

How MANTL transformed their subscription model with Prive after migrating from Recharge





Founded by Pete Ricci, Irene Kong, and Karamo Brown, MANTL is a skincare brand that clearly understands the needs of bald men. The brand represents a range of premium skincare products for the face and scalp, designed for bald men but for all to enjoy.

“I wanted to create something that was empowering and will uplift men… have them more focused on embracing natural change than trying to fight it!"
— Pete Ricci, CEO & Co-founder, MANTL, Inc.

MANTL’s products include moisturizers and cleansers that are innovative, grease-free & hydrating­—leaving your skin/scalp clean and healthy. Each one of their products is beautifully packaged with a lot of care and thought put into it.

Through the MANTL skincare and its active online community, the founders hope to create a positive space that empowers men to accept who they are, change the face of balding and break down every stigma that’s associated with it.

Prive had the opportunity of talking to Pete who took us through some of the challenges faced by the brand while adopting subscriptions with Recharge and how implementing our tool helped them take their subscription business to the next level.

Challenge: Using Recharge

Subscriptions were always going to be an integral part of the business model—this was pretty certain right from the days of MANTL’s inception.

MANTL decided to partner with Recharge and soon ran into issues:

  • The platform was clunky and difficult to use.
  • They struggled to make it look on brand.
  • They couldn't support free trial subscriptions
  • You couldn’t use Shopify’s one-click checkout with Recharge’s legacy software.

Soon, MANTL moved out of Recharge and created a custom site that didn’t work out too well either. Though it was in the best interest of the business, the biggest letdown was that it failed to integrate seamlessly with Shopify, which was pretty much a deal-breaker.

The need of the hour was a platform that supported seamless integration with Shopify or any other plugin for that matter.

Solution: Adopting a simple yet powerful solution

MANTL was ready to get off Recharge and find a platform that is more sophisticated yet simple to use. Once MANTL learned about Prive, there was no looking back.


The following are some of what Prive brought to the table that stood out for MANTL:

  • User-friendly interface:  Prive’s subscription portal is intuitive and extremely easy to use
  • Seamless integration with Shopify: Prive integrates effortlessly with Shopify.
  • On brand: For MANTL the ability to brand is really important. Prive helped them customize the storefront that blended with their branding, creating a flawless shopping experience for their customers.
  • Smooth transition from Recharge: The transition from Recharge was smooth, stress-free, devoid of any interruptions, and only took a few hours. Prive took on all the heavy lifting and ensured the migration process was quick, seamless, and without any hiccups along the way.
  • Data and Analytics: The data around subscribers is easy to understand. It gives users a good picture of the health of the business.

"The thing that really helped us was the fact that you guys were going to do a lot of the lifting when it came to the transition... that was massive for us!"
— Pete

Impact: A complete revamp of the subscription tech (+ added benefits)

"The changes we saw right away were that we didn't have to manually do the free trial program, it just happened. The second thing was that we saw a lot of our customer tickets go all the way down."

In just a couple of months, MANTL achieved some astounding results:

  • They could easily understand the business and know where it was headed, all thanks to in-depth analytics. This enabled them to be better equipped to talk to investors as well as make key business decisions.
  • Prive helped MANTL revive old Recharge payments (that the tool discarded), recover lost sales, and increase net revenue by over 95%.
  • We also enabled MANTL to implement the free trial program with ease that allowed customers to make edits on their own with bare minimum intervention.
  • They were able to reduce churn and improve customer loyalty.
  • MANTL witnessed a stark reduction in subscription cancellations.
  • Customer support requests and complaints dropped by 50%, all thanks to a customer-facing portal that is easy to navigate.

Metrics after migrating to Prive:

AOV:  + 94%
MRR: + 95%
New active subscribers: +62%

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After years of facing hurdles with ReCharge to offer a subscription program that met business needs, MANTL realized it was time to make a switch to a platform that had the advanced functionality they dreamed of. With help from Prive, MANTL was able to migrate in days, and 2x their subscription business in 60 days after the switch.


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