Features that
combine flexibility
and functionality

Automated migrations in hours not weeks, saving you time & stress.

Migrate from your previous subscription provider automatically. Our automated migration system means you can seamlessly migrate contracts in hours with no contract drops or interruptions.

Save thousands with WYSIWYG in-app widget customizations 

Gone are the days of adding code that slows down your storefront in order to have a branded experience. Our javascript subscription widget can be customized in-app with no code (Shopify 2.0 theme? Our widget has been built for the Shopify theme editor).

Real-time activity log to understand exactly what actions your subscribers are taking

Understanding when your subscribers pause, add-on products, change their shipping information, and more unlocks you to keep a finger on the pulse of your subscriptions business. Provide more data to your teams on actions taken by the subscriber for CX accuracy.

Reduce support tickets by 50% with flexible management portal

With a customizable subscription management portal, unlock self-serve subscription management for your customers. From swaps, skips, add-ons, and more, our customers have been able to increase retention by 3x and reduce support tickets by 50%.

Incentivize your customers with tiered discounts and boost LTV

Rigid “delivery every 30 days for 10% off” just doesn’t cut it for many merchants and shoppers. We unlock flexibility to offer whatever delivery cadence you want with whatever discount you want. We recommend what offers and incentives work best for your product..

Reduce operations overhead and customize up your subscriptions program with automations

From auto-swapping products to creating custom subscription regimens, our automation functionality unlocks new flows for your subscribers so you can offer unique subscription program, all without any manual intervention or ops overhead.

Increase LTV and lock in demand with Prepaid subscriptions 

Leverage prepaid subscriptions to offer a new purchasing lever that rewards customers for locking in demand.

Delight and unlock new revenue streams with gift subscriptions

Prive offers an end-to-end subscription gifting experience. Enable the purchaser to define the terms of the gift, and send it to the recipient to redeem and then customize.

Increase AOV with build-a-box support

Backend support to enable customizable bundles and boxes so your subscribers can always receive what they actually want.

Shopify Theme 2.0 & App block support

Drag and drop subscription components directly in the Shopify theme editor.

Convert customers with free trials

Enable a subscription free trial that then automatically upgrades after the trial period.

Boost AOV and reward your customers with special discounts

Offer automatic discounts for subscribing to multiple products. Offer automatic discounts for different order numbers (i.e 1st delivery is 50% off, then 15% off).

Subscription management directly available in Shopify Accounts

We proxy all subscription management functionality directly into your existing accounts flow, which means that your subscribers no longer have to email support to cancel or modify their subscription..

Boost AOV and reduce churn through upgrades and downgrades

A customer loves your product more than they expected? Suggest easy 1-click product upgrades. A customer over committed? Instead of canceling, suggest easy 1-click product downgrades.

Increase AOV with one-time purchase add-ons

Offer the ability for users to add a product one-time to their subscription shipment. Incentivize trying something new before committing to adding it as a subscription, or to reduce shipping costs for one-time purchases.

Increase AOV with subscription add-ons

Users want more out of their subscription? With Prive they can 1-click add on new subscription products to their existing subscription.

Increase conversions by 72% with Shop Pay

Unify your checkout and say goodbye to poorly supported external checkout platforms. Enjoy the tracking and analytics benefits of Shopify payments.

Free SMS subscription management (not leveraging Twilio)

Enable 1-click actions and SMS subscription management. Customize texts and do so without paying for any messages. We also have integrations if you prefer (Postscript, Attentive).

Keep your subscribers in the loop with full lifecycle comms 

Leverage email and SMS comms directly in-app from order reminders to failed payment notifications (no external integrations needed). Full HTML customization of emails available.

Dunning management to effectively prevent and resurrect passive churn (by over 30%)

Robust in-app dunning management. No need to rely on external churn-prevention apps.  Enjoy out of the box comms and churn resurrection to extend the LTV of your subscribers.

Deeply understand your subscription business with data exports 

We believe you should have direct access to your data. Access in-app data exports that you can run additional custom analysis on.

Consolidated easy-to-understand analytics 

Robust analytics dashboard to help you understand churn, active subscribers, cohort analysis, what products and subscriptions are doing the best, and more.

Out-of-stock policies to fit in with your inventory management operations. 

Flexible rules so you can keep placing orders if the product is out of stock, stop placing orders when out of stock, recommend swapping if out of stock, and more.

Localization & Multi-currency

We are an international platform.

WYSIWYG subscription management portal customization 

Make your subscription management portal branded and your own, all without any code. Change colors, copy, and more all in-app.

Integrate seamlessly, build loyalty flows, and more with customizable Shopify Order Tags 

Customize Shopify order tags on every subscription order so that you can plug in to hundreds of integrations out of the box as well as set up custom fulfillment logic (i.e. a gift in box on every 5th subscription order).

1-click management actions to modify and enhance subscriptions 

Swap, skip, pause, add-on, and more with 1-click via email and SMS.

No code copy editing to make your messaging on brand

Easily customize any copy on subscription surfaces from widget option labels to management buttons so everything is in your brand voice.

Anchor date support 

Want all of your subscriptions to go out on the same day? With anchor date support, easily set company-wide schedules for subscription renewal and fulfillment.

Headless storefront support 

We plug in to headless storefronts seamlessly.

Streamline your product backend with no SKU duplication, saving your ops & fulfillment teams time

Gone are the days of having to duplicate every SKU in order to have a subscription. This gets exponentially messy. With Prive, tie subscriptions to your original SKUs.

Leverage Shopify Discounts

You no longer need to create separate discount codes for subscription products. Enjoy the ability to leverage Shopify discount codes directly for your subscription offering.

Fulfill & Refund directly in Shopify

Fulfill and refund your subscription orders directly in Shopify for a consolidated experience.