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Diversify revenue, grow more valuable revenue, and boost customer LTV, with the most powerful subscriptions platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

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Unlock recurring revenue in minutes

Harness the power of Prive in 3 easy steps:


Get live in 5 minutes

  • Create any type of subscription in minutes
  • Customize your storefront, no code, no upcharges
  • Native SMS comms & management


Build and sustain customer relationships

  • Reduce support tickets by up to 40% with hosted
    management portal
  • Passwordless login via SMS or email
  • Quick actions to swap, skip, pause, add-on, and more


New to subscription businesses achieve up to 30% recurring revenue in 60 days

  • Increase conversions by >70% with Shopify checkout
  • Unlock new revenue streams with unique subscriptions
  • Grow the metrics that matter with machine learning-driven business intelligence and analytics

Subscriptions for when you have outgrown the rest

Migrate and onboard to a more powerful platform, simply.

Automated migrations

The only platform with an automated migration wizard to seamlessly migrate  in days. We have migrated hundreds of thousands of subscribers with no interruptions, or stress.

Built for scale

We power some of the fastest growing DTC brands. 50K subscribers renewing on an anchor date? No problem. We are focused on reliability as you continue to scale.

Advanced functionality

Automations,  E2E gift subscriptions,  meal plans, bulk updates, custom renewal logic... and so much more to power the complexities of your unique business.

A true partner

We aren’t the team that promises the world and then fall short.  From partnering on best practices, to strategizing your setup and expansion, we are here to work closely with you.

Go beyond subscribe & save

Most platforms stop at subscribe & save. With Prive, unlock prepaid, gift subscriptions, loyalty automations, and membership to engage customers, your way.

  • Robust prepaid subscriptions
  • ETE Gift subscriptions
  • Configurable membership plans
  • Automations
  • Free-trial upgrades
  • +more
An image showcasing advanced features of the subscription software

Delight your customer, your way

True no-code customization. The only platform that allows you to select from multiple portal templates, then further customize.

  • No-code storefront widget editor
  • Password-less hosted portal
  • Template selection & no code customization
  • Upsell carousel
  • + more
Showcasing powerful visual customizability

Complex models, simplified

Prive’s modular backend means configurable support for build-a-box businesses, meal kit models, regimens, and more.

  • Support for custom renewal logic & anchor dates
  • Upgrade & downgrade support
  • Support for line-item properties or variant based build-a-box
  • Custom cutoff-windows & holiday logic
  • + more
Showcases custom logic for food subscriptions

Drive the metrics that matter

Make better business decisions by unlocking data and tools to understand your subscriptions business and maximize your growth.

  • Churn Prevention Engine
  • Comprehensive analytics + cohort analysis
  • Intelligent dunning management
  • Full data exports
  • + more
Image of a churn prevention engine

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