Fine & Raw witnesses sustainable growth in subscriptions after making the move to Prive

Fine & Raw witnesses sustainable growth in subscriptions after making the move to Prive


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The chocolate makers, Fine & Raw have had quite a successful journey over the years. Established in 2007 in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft, by Daniel Sklaar—the company crafts artisan confections using conscious organically-sourced ingredients and innovative low heat techniques to retain the chocolate's raw vitality and flavor.

Having spent nearly 13 years as an amazing wholesale account for boutique stores around the country, the company has pivoted its position to become a more D2C-focused Ecommerce business in the last two years.

“We have been looking to find new levers to keep users interested and engaged in our website and our products. In the last couple of years, we have refocused more on the D2C world and have seen massive growth year-on-year (YoY).“
— Michelle Sklaar, Marketing, Fine & Raw


On a mission to save the world with chocolate, Fine & Raw’s chocolates and spreads are certainly a leveled-up version of some of your childhood favorites. The best part? They source all their ingredients organically to produce unparalleled quality chocolate with not more than 5 ingredients in each of their products. 


They have built a radically-transparent cacao supply chain ensuring that they have direct relationships with cacao farmers. That’s not all, with a sheer love of the chocolate-making process, all of their products are made under one roof in Brooklyn. 


We recently caught up with Michelle Sklaar who leads marketing for Fine & Raw. Michelle gave us the scoop on their growth story and talked about how finding a subscription platform like Prive has proved to be extremely beneficial for their business.

Challenge: Lack of flexible subscription offerings

Fine & Raw signed up for Bold but in time found that their subscription offering lacked the capabilities that the team and their customers needed.


“We were using a service before (Bold), that really was not meeting all of our needs and didn’t have the level of flexibility that our customers were looking for when it came to adjusting their subscription over their lifetime with us.”
— Sklaar



Fine & Raw wanted to give their customers more flexibility in what they were receiving on a monthly basis and provide a more seamless process for doing so.


Some of the primary reasons that led them to switch over from Bold were:


  • Any changes on the portal were time-consuming. As they have a lot of SKUs, the company realized that their customers really wanted to switch up their subscription offering, a couple of months into their subscription or several times a year. This was close to an impossible task with Bold and had to be done by one of their sales reps.
  • While bundles worked great for them as they have a lot of great products that pair well with each other, with Bold, the team had no option to showcase that for their customers 

Solution: Switching to Prive, a platform that really works for them

Fine & Raw was on the lookout for alternatives to Bold and they soon came across Prive through a referral. After a few initial interactions, the team at Fine & Raw realized that Prive was listening to what their customers needed. They loved what they saw and decided to make the move to Prive right away!

“Getting in with Prive on the ground floor, while Prive is building a strong tool felt like a great fit for us, as we too are growing our brand”
— Sklaar


Sklaar and the team at Fine & Raw have their top favorites when it comes to Prive’s capabilities:


  • All-powerful dashboard and activity logs: The team can now easily monitor all their new customers as well as every change that’s made within the platform
  • Customers are in full control: With Prive, customers can easily swap, change cadence, add-on, and enhance subscriptions on their own
  • Seamless integration: The portal integrates well and looks great on the Fine & Raw website without costly coding projects

Impact: Huge jump in subscriptions

Fine & Raw has seen their subscription numbers consistently and sustainably grow after switching to Prive. With Prive, Fine & Raw’s users can easily go in and make changes to their account. Better yet, the team can help their users if needed, making their customers feel that they are well taken care of.

“We feel really excited and confident about its current standing and also the potential in the future. You guys have been a pleasure to work with—in terms of being right there, answering our questions, getting us up and running, and integrating our systems. Prive has been super helpful!”
— Sklaar

It’s time to take up your subscription numbers, just like Fine & Raw did with Prive. Talk to our team to know how you can grow your subscriptions like never before.

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Fine + Raw

Fine + Raw has been making conscious Chocolates since 2007. Over the last two years, the brand has doubled down on their DTC presence, but was disappointed by the lack of subscription flexibility while on Bold. Since switching to Prive, Fine + Raw has seen consistent subscriptions growth, and a much happier consumer base.


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