How Pricklee is delivering exceptional customer experience using Prive.

How Pricklee is delivering exceptional customer experience using Prive.


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Delicious, healthy, and sustainably sourced hydration from a cactus—that’s Pricklee for you!

Pricklee was founded by five healthcare workers Mo, Sarwang, Aakash, Jay, and Kun. This naturally flavored cactus fruit water is the perfect alternative to coconut water, compared to which, has 50% less sugar and calories.

That’s not all, it comes packed with natural antioxidants—something that’s missing from many popular functional beverages out there.

“What really separates Pricklee from others is the hero ingredient itself - the resilient cactus -more than being just a functional and sustainable product.”
— Kun Yang, Co-founder/CEO, Pricklee

Pricklee came to being when Co-founder Mo recalled how back in his hometown in Lebanon his grandmother would make them a refreshing drink using prickly pear, the fruit of the cactus. He was generous enough to share the recipe with his friends and the rest as they say is history.

Launched in February 2021, this cactus water is not only hitting all the right notes for being a nutritious refreshing beverage but is also known for being an immunity booster. Made from real, premium prickly pear cactus, Pricklee comes loaded with vitamin C and vital antioxidants that are crucial in fighting dehydration.

Yang spoke to us about how they launched Pricklee to celebrate the Cactus and what it stands for—resilience.

Challenge: Finding a subscriptions experience that is as human-centric as Pricklee

Pricklee was launched in the middle of the pandemic. For them, becoming a DTC brand was viewed as a secondary option when compared to the primary goal of acquiring consumers in a retail space.

They soon realized that DTC served the purpose of providing an avenue for people to discover their products outside of a retail environment. Furthermore, Yang pointed out that it happened to be the only space where they can authentically and deeply tell their story in every capacity.

“We were focused on being a brand that understood what DTC meant and how to build an  infrastructure to support that part of the business. Subscriptions were a natural component to it and we were bought into it from day one.”
— Kun Yang, Co-founder/CEO, Pricklee

While they initially chose Recharge to power their subscriptions, they wanted to switch over to another subscription platform that made the entire experience more seamless and easy for their customers.

Solution: Moving to a subscription portal that was more aligned with their growth

Pricklee is very much a human brand with a customer-first perspective. For them, what mattered the most was working with a brand that was as human as theirs and Prive fit the bill perfectly well!

“We have loved working with companies where we can have that human connection. That has always been important to us. It’s about the journey—having these amazing experiences together, and supporting one another.”
— Kun Yang, Co-founder/CEO, Pricklee

Some of the features the Pricklee team loved:

  • The simplicity of the UI: Pricklee can put their users in full control with Prive’s neat and simple UI
  • 1-click login: Prive’s shopper portal helps Pricklee users log in with just their email ID or phone number
  • The humans behind the brand: One of the biggest reasons for Pricklee to switch over to Prive is the amazing team that is building the brand

Impact: A complete revamp of the subscription tech (+ added benefits)

Pricklee was very impressed with what the Prive team was building. After making the switch, they were happy to see a drastic drop in their support tickets and overall customer complaints about logging into the platform. They were also able to tap into many growth opportunities for building their brand with Prive.


Within 90 days of switching to Prive:

Looking to move to a subscription portal with a customer-first perspective? Get talking to the team at Prive and out how you can manage your subscriptions with greater ease and flexibility like Pricklee.

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