How Tosi is keeping their customers delighted with “the Apple of Subscriptions”

How Tosi is keeping their customers delighted with “the Apple of Subscriptions”


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Tosi, meaning ‘true’ in Finnish, is a family business founded by the mother-daughter duo—Stefanie Hults and Chelsea Hults.

Founded back in 2012, Tosi was launched with a mission to make honest, transparent, nutrient-dense, and great-tasting food that benefits your health. Growing up, Chelsea and her sister developed food sensitivities which led them to look for foods that had clean labels, simple ingredients and were easy to digest. 

In search of tasty, nutrient-dense snacks, the family got to work, and before long, Tosi SuperBites were born! Perfectly-portioned SuperBites come in meal and snack sizes, making it extremely easy to snack on the go.

For people constantly failing to keep up with their wellness plans and struggling with poor food choices—Tosi snacks are made from simple, organic ingredients; packed with plant protein; low in sugar, and not to mention—crunchy and delicious!

“What sets Tosi apart from other gluten-free brands out there is that it is actually delicious!  If I would say certified, organic, gluten-free, plant-based, high-protein, low sugar… you’re like it sounds good for me but it is going to taste like cardboard. Tosi’s SuperBites are just so crunchy and satisfying. You stay full longer whereas a lot of the other bars will give you a little bit of sugar but the energy will crash so quickly!.”
— Trevor Hults, Sales and Marketing, Tosi

Tosi is all about making healthy snacking simple! It is your go-to snack if you’re on the lookout for stress-free simply snacking that’s satisfying.

We got talking to the Hults—Stefanie, Chelsea, and Trevor, about their journey so far and how switching their subscription platform from Recharge to Prive, has not only saved them a lot of time but has also taken their customer experience up several notches.

Challenge: Enabling simple yet seamless subscriptions

When they started out, Recharge seemed to be the only available option in the market for subscriptions. 

“As a consumer, I love a ‘subscribe and save’ option—something that I know is going to show up at my doorstep and I get a little bit of a discount. It’s like auto pay. It’s something that I don’t have to worry about. With so many things we have to keep track of as humans, it’s one less thing that we have to manage.”
— Chelsea

They soon realized that Recharge was not the best user-friendly option out there for their customers. The integration with the platform was not easy when it was supposed to be simple and immediate. 

They had to seek an alternative to Recharge owing to not one but several disappointing and frustrating experiences:

  • The platform was too expensive. If that wasn’t a lot, they also faced many issues related to the pricing.
  • Clunky, non-intuitive user experiences
  • Customers could not edit their orders
  • Hassles of updating their pricing on the platform daily

Solution: Making the move to Prive, a more customer-centric brand

The team at Tosi had seen enough when they ended up having to bear the brunt of apologising to their customers who were being overcharged owing to glitches in the credit feature at Recharge.

Chelsea then met up with ​​Claudia Laurie, Co-CEO & Founder at Prive. After a great interaction, they were convinced that Prive is the subscription platform for them.
“We love working with people we like. We never got to talk to anyone at Recharge, it was always automated… it was great to speak to Claudia!”
— Chelsea

Some of the areas in which Prive has worked wonders for Tosi and their customers are:

  • Extremely easy to use portal: Prive’s user-intuitive app and capabilities are helping Tosi’s customers do a lot more, a lot faster
  • Seamless updates: The data updates on Prive are not only timely, but they are also easy to manage
  • Delightful customer support: Not having the best customer support previously with Recharge, Prive’s team of customer support reps is a refreshing change 

Impact: Zero complaints post log in

The team at Tosi referred to Prive as the ‘Apple of subscriptions’. They feel that Prive’s intuitive platform is easy for anyone to work with and that is a great plus point for Tosi as they have a wide customer base.

“Our experience as well as our customers’ experience has been way easier, smoother, and more intuitive.”
 — Trevor

Managing subscriptions for your business should never be a hassle. With Prive, you can experience smart subscription management today!

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Tosi is a brand dedicated to making transparent and delightful snacks. They wanted to make sure their customers' subscription experience was the same. Since Tosi switched to Prive, complaints post log-in went to zero, and their subscriptions business grew by 67% within 90 days.


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