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Prive is trusted by hundreds of high-growth & enterprise brands like ThirdLove, Coterie, and Public Goods in growth, optimization, and expansion of recurring revenue.

Discover how hundreds of
high-growth commerce
businesses are leveling up their revenue output from subscriptions and beyond.

Discover how hunds o
high-growth commerce

Prive is global by default, supporting revenue growth for brands across the globe.


From F&B to apparel, Prive helps any business make the most out of what they sell.


Prive provides a subscription management & shopping destination for shoppers everywhere.

Grow new revenue

Prive subscriptions
Grow revenue with powerful subscriptions for when you have outgrown the rest

Diversify your revenue streams, grow more valuable revenue, boost customer LTV, and build relationships with the most powerful subscriptions platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Launch in minutes

Launch a tailored subscription experience that is anything but “cookie-cutter”

Migrate in days

Our powerful migration platform has migrated brands with 100,000s of subscribers in days

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Trusted by your favorite brands

Reinvent how you acquire, delight, and retain your subscribers

From true no-code storefront customization to intelligent churn prevention, provide a cutting edge experience to your customers throughout their lifecycle.

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Delight with modular portals

True no-code customization. The only platform that allows you to select from multiple portal templates, then further customize.

Simplify complex models

Prive’s modular backend means configurable support for build-a-box businesses, meal kit models, regimens, and more.

Reduce churn, up to 55%

Build dynamic cancel flows use personalized retention strategies to retain customers. Capture insights and let our platform help you iterate and learn.

Go beyond subscribe & save

Most platforms stop at subscribe & save. With Prive, unlock prepaid, gift subscriptions, loyalty automations, and membership to engage customers, your way.

See how Prive has driven impact to your favorite brands

It’s time to get Dieux-y.

Dieux Case Study

Founded in 2020 by a clinical cosmetic chemist, a multi-hyphenate creative, and an expert brand builder and..
Sustainable baby bottoms

Kudos Case Study

Kudos was founded by Amrita Saigal, a true believer in elegant sustainability. Amrita’s first company after MIT was a...

Optimize existing revenue


Prive Experimentation

Test prices, maximize revenue

Prive allows you to optimize revenue by allowing you to run experiments dynamically.  Test one-time prices, subscription offers, discounts, and more.

Drive incremental revenue

Through our suite of experiments, easily set up, test, and enact decisions to optimize revenue.

Go beyond price tests

Test a comprehensive set of conversion drivers. Experiment with subscription offers, shipping, discounts, and other factors that drive purchasing decisions.

Set it and forget it

Setup an experiment in minutes and get notified when results are in. We do the heavy lifting in the background.

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Prive Market Intelligence

Make informed pricing & merchandising decisions

With the Prive Market Intelligence platform, get real-time market & competitor data on pricing and merchandising updates. The perfect external data companion to your internal price and product optimizations.

Price smarter

Leverage market-wide pricing data to understand where your prices sit in the market and implement our intelligent price recommendations.

Merchandise with confidence

Discover actionable insights by breaking down market-wide data on similar products across millions of SKUs.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Get real-time market signals on price changes, stock-outs, new drops, and more, to stay ahead of the curve.

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Expand revenue with new sales channels


Prive Referrals

Let your customers be your biggest new revenue driver

Turn subscribers into brand ambassadors through personalized referral programs

Seamlessly integrated

Offer tailored referrals to your customers directly via your customer portal. The only platform to offer native referrals via subscription management surfaces.

Reward your most loyal customers

Reward your existing subscribers through intelligent incentives such as discounts on their ongoing subscription, while winning new high LTV ones.

Unlock unique programs

Empower your top customers with better referral incentives, from free trials to delightful add-ons.

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Prive Discovery

Build your own network effects

With Prive Discovery, your shopping surfaces are now sales channels. Cross-sell, up-sell, and drive discovery with partner brands in the Prive network.

Unlock new sales channels

Drive more sales at every touchpoint. Get your products showcased on complementary partner product pages, carts, and subscription portals. Do the same in return.

Your store as a discovery destination

No need to rely on giving away to third-party marketplaces that aggregate demand. Unlock product discovery via your shopper and portal surfaces.

Revenue without the overhead

Turn your storefront into a wider shopping destination with complementary products from the Prive network. Get rev share on sales without the need to fulfill.

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“We have used a couple of subscription platforms before Prive and have been blown away by how good this team/product is! We had quite a complex setup/migration and customization needs which were easily dealt with by Prive. (1000x better than our last migration experience with another subscription platform). They really are a true subscription partner who takes in feedback and applies it quickly to their product by releasing updates and changes faster than we have seen anyone else move. The customer service is excellent, even though we are in a different time zone, and the platform is all set up to reliability and properly service stores with 10K+ subscribers.”

Josh Robinson
Garden Street Gin Club ∙ Founder & CEO

“We switched from Recharge to Prive for our baby diaper startup, Kudos, and we've never looked back! Prive has greatly simplified and improved the experience for our customers. Before Prive, at least 15% of our support tickets were from users confused about how to log in to manage their subscription. Ever since implementing Prive, the number of support tickets around this has dropped to almost zero. Similarly, not having to duplicate discount codes or worry about two checkout processes has greatly streamlined business operations for us. We feel confident knowing that Prive is going to be covering all of our business subscription needs! ”

Moira Finicane
Kudos ∙ Head of Marketing

“Prive is not only a lot more seamless than our current subscription provider, but the team handled the entire transition very smoothly. Very happy with our new subscription with Prive and looking forward to sticking on this app moving forward. Thank you to the whole Prive team making the transition of our subscribers as easy and straightforward as possible. Also, the platform is very easy to use as well!”

Justin Kim
The Plug Drink ∙ Founder

“Prive offers robust subscription features and addressed some of the main issues with our previous subscription provider. Big fans of the password-less log in, native checkout, clean reporting, and unique gifting capabilities. Not to mention, an awesome team that took care of the entire migration process for us!”

Steven Chen
Wildwonder ∙ Director of Operations

“The Prive team made our subscription migration from ReCharge effortless! Not only that, their willingness to simultaneously provide an onboarding process to showcase functionality, as well as willingness to customize product pages to ensure a smooth transition process was well appreciated. Fantastic product, and even better team.”

Kun Yang
Pricklee ∙ Founder & CEO

“Prive is 100% better than Recharge. It is easy to use and install and gives plenty of back end and front end customization that has increased our subscriptions and our retention. ”

Pete Ricci

“Prive is a simple (yet complex under the hood) solution for our brand. What better way to make it easy then allowing our customers to "set it and forget it" while rewarding them with our best pricing?! We are looking forward to growing our subscriber base and are glad we have an efficient solution to do so with Prive.”

Graham Watsilition
Tenneyson ∙ CEO
Congratulations to Kudos on their Shark Tank deal

Last week, Amrita Saigal, CEO & Founder of Kudos, a Prive customer, appeared on ABC's 'Shark Tank' to pitch the 100% cotton baby diaper DC startup. To much success, Amrita secured $250,000 in investment from Shark, Mark Cuban and guest Shark, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Grow, optimize, and discover revenue.

From growing new revenue with subscriptions, to optimizing and expanding revenue with our other tools, make the most of what drives your business.


Whether you’re new to subscriptions, or migrating hundreds of thousands of subscribers, level up to a more powerful platform with Prive.

Optimize & Discover

Prive provides the complete revenue suite for your business. Learn more about Prive Experimentation, Market Intelligence, Refferals, and Discovery.